Artist Statement

My art workx are created within/through a process of deconstruction of preexisting images to uncover/discover or rediscover the buried and forgotten ones. One of the big topics of my workx is also the exploration of practices of mystification and mythologisation of life in order to serve narratives/structures of a certain order and of a certain dominance type. Those narratives become a playground through my artistic interventions and through this exercise can transform back into questions rather than so called immutable truths which seem to blindly repeat power relations without any progress at all.

If all my workx started with the topic of gender, and the question of why non-binary people got excluded from mainstream culture and erased in the political discourses that keep upright most of our westerner societies, it no longer is a question of gender but transformed into a question about freedom to self express oneself, and how it became possible that the very simple fact that people tell who they are and how they relate to the world makes them become targets of hate, exclusion and death. And I deliberately chose to not show those images of violences and death. I chose to believe that our lifes are free and sacred, and that if any power can be found in the human, it will be found deep inside the human, in the midst of this sacred which so many now try to bury in unjustified ways, which they want to erase despite not having any human right to do so. In a way we are just humans, only that, but now we live in times of a pandemy of hate of other humans.

After I understood that queer bodies were often denied the access to culture, and that the violence I went through because another person decided to rape me was rather a symptom of systematic violence of a continent not in the interest to reflect the misogynic stories of its own roots, I turned to nature and started to take photographs. When culture became the space where you no longer can exist, indeed nature is the only refuge one can find if one wants to stay in this world. One thing I didn't expect to happen with the creation of pictures of nature was that it started to become a testimony of my own life, and now I dare to say so: of my own soul. Institution after institution after institution seems to deny fundamental human rights and access to queer bodies and any other body declared a dissident: the migrant, the third national, the intersex, the poor, the ones getting handicapped by society for not reproducing the so called normative body constructs of our white westerner minds and the entrance of certain phliosophical concepts of exclusion, dominance and destruction of life itself in the political spheres in the 19th century.

In a very naive way I might have discovered that the claims of an indestructible soul in the reflections of my art productions seem to feel true,

In a very political way I would need to say that this presence of traces of an indestructible soul was to be found in a dissident body, which means that there is a soul in a body of one of those human beings being said not to deserve to receive space and place to survive in our modern cultures.


© 2023 Ina Isabelle Schiltz, to get further details please contact me at inaschiltz(at)
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